Get involved!

Contributing to DonateWC doesn’t mean only donating money. We’re always looking for volunteers and WordCamp organisers to partner with.

WordCamp organisers

Are you involved in putting together a WordCamp? Below you will find information on how you can help get more eyes on the foundation, as well as documents that you can use.

What you can do

Here is a list of things you can do to bring DonateWC to your local community’s attention:

  • You can make an announcement during your event – you can either mention the website or ask people to consider making a donation.
  • You can share information about DonateWC on your website/blog.
  • You can give a shoutout on social media – doesn’t have to be anything consistent (although we’d appreciate it). One shout out to your local community can help propel us forward.

You can help make this a success! It’s your community, and you’re already doing an amazing thing by helping to share knowledge and inviting interested parties. Keep it going, make a mention of this initiative!

Your ticket purchase page

Consider placing a link to on your ticket registration page. It does not disrupt the ticket purchase flow for your attendees, but does alert them to the existence of DonateWC.

We will be adding a number of graphics to our Presskit for you to use later on.

Show us what you’ve done

We’d love to see what shout outs you’ve done, or retweet/reshare your message. You can either send us an email or tweet to us about it.