WordCamp Cape Town Speaker’s Fundraiser

Hello friends!

Great news: DonateWC has picked her first sponsorship recipient. We’re sending a speaker to WordCamp Cape Town!

While the recipient of this sponsorship wishes to remain anonymous (for now), they do need your help. The remainder of the DonateWC startup fund covers most of the expenses already, but a small portion is still needed to get this lovely contributor to where they need to be.

What’s needed

Here’s an overview of the funds that are part of this sponsorship:

Travel expenses €500.00
Accomodation €69.24
Food/drink money €100
Already covered €471,87
Still needed €197,37

WordCamp Cape Town Fundraiser

Thank You Donors!

The donation form is now closed. If you’d like to support us further, please use the general donation form.

Author: Ines van Essen

Ines van Essen is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. She started DonateWC because of her own experience trying to find funds for a WordCamp trip, and because of a deep-rooted affinity with the WordPress community. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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